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Information about the Forum

Dear Sirs and Madams!

We invite you to take part in the VIII th International Forum Optical Devices and Technologies OPTICS EXPO 2012 (Moscow, All Russia Exhibition Centre, November, 20-23, 2012)

Forum «OPTICS-EXPO 2012» is a convention&congress event in which exhibition program is linked and supplemented topically with large-scale business program oriented towards experts, manufacturers and consumers of optical and electronic products.

Topics of exhibition include wide range of devices, equipments and products for energy, aerospace, transportation, machine-building, constructing, agricultural, medicine, defense and daily needs and for scientific researches.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers of optical materials, optical and electronic devices and equipments, suppliers of elements and stuffs for optical producing, research institutes and higher schools, consumers of optical and electronic products (representatives of industry, medicine, business and commercial firms) will take part in Forum.

The Forum is supplied by the following entities:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation
  • D.S. Rozhdenstvensky Optical Society
  • OJSC “”GAO Russian Exhibition Center”

The Forum is held with assistance of Government of Moscow, state corporation “Russian Technologies”, Federal Space Agency of Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Participating in Forum is your real success in fulfilling plans connected with enlarging scientific and business contacts, production distribution markets, introducing up-to-date technologies, attracting investors.

Organizer of Forum has possibility to place free of charge information about firm and its products on this site in bookmark “Internet Presentation”

See you at Forum!


Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation

Rozhdenstvensky Optical Society

All-Russia Exhibition Centre

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Federal Space Agency
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation

Forum OPTICS-EXPO 2012 will held on Nivember, 20-23, 2012, in All-Russia Exhibition Center

All-Russia Exhibition Center
Pavilion 206, Estate 119, Mir Prospect, Moscow, Russia, 129223
Exhibitions Management Department
Tel./fax: +7(495) 9819257